Some of the institution’s code of conducts includes:
(i) Wilful damage attracts police action and prosecution
(ii) Any form of examination malpractice is punishable by indefinite suspension
(iii) Pasting posters on the wall or defiling the wall in any form attracts a fine of N500
(iv) Any act of lawlessness or indiscipline which includes disobedience, rudeness, assault, violence, irrational behaviour and contempt is punishable by rustication (e.g. Cultism)
(v) Holding clandestine meetings or belonging to secret cult or any illegal association is punishable by dismissal (e.g. cultism)
(vi) Indecent, loose, weird and seducing dressing is punishable by one week suspension.
(vii) No littering
(viii) No drumming except during ceremonies as approved by the authority
(ix) All agitations through the Students Welfare Board to the Registrar
(x) No smoking or drinking of alcoholic liquor in the school premises.
(xi) No loitering






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